Kappa Kappa Gamma

Eta Alpha Chapter at Furman University

Worried about going Greek?

Some of us were at first, too! But as this blog post by Sorority Ever After points out, 

  •  Modern day sororities DO NOT HAZE. Hazing and activities associated with hazing are not tolerated by Furman University or Kappa nationally. In fact, most members will tell you their experience was quite the opposite as our new member period revolves strongly around cultivating sisterhood, spending quality time with initiated sisters, and receiving lots of Kappa related gifts!

  • As Sorority Ever After points out: "Sororities have women from every type of college major, background, interest, activity, and more. Don't worry that you need to fit into a cookie cutter type of girl; just be you!"
    We don't all look and act like Elle Woods and aspire to be housewives. Greek women at Furman are actually a fun, active, kind and diverse group of women, and we are genuine in our desire to get to know who you really are, too!

  •  Kappa Kappa Gamma consistently boasts one of the top GPA's on Furman's campus. If you're worried about your grades slipping once you join Greek life, realize that you'll immediately have an academic support system you didn't have previously. For more information see  our Scholarship page or email our Vice President of Academic Excellence, whose email is located under the Contact Us tab.

  • While Greek life does involve fun date functions and get togethers, it's so much more than that! Partying no more defines us than any other organization on campus, and to make that what Kappa is all about would be a tragic insult to our sisterhood! More than anything else we're a society of women bound together under unifying tenets that we value and trust to guide our paths for these four years and forever forward. 
Hope this clears things up a little bit, but please don't hesitate to contact our Recruitment Chair or any of our Panhellenic advisors!

Greek Life Vocabulary

Active [Member]/Brother/Sister: A fully-initiated member of a Greek chapter
Alum/alumna (plural forms - alumni/alumnae):
A member who has graduated
Bid: A formal invitation to join a chapter
Chapter: The local group which represents a segment of the national organization
Formal Recruitment: The period set aside for the structured recruitment period - for Furman, this is one week in January, at the beginning of spring term
Fraternity: A Greek organization typically for men (Kappa is technically a fraternity - a women's fraternity!)
Greek: A member of a fraternity or sorority
Pan-Hellenic Council: Governing board of historically Black Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities
Initiation: The time at which a new member is made a full member.
Interfraternity Council: Governing board of all social fraternities.
(Inter)National: Usually refers to the central organization of a given fraternity or sorority.
New Member: A member of a greek organization who has not yet been initiated
National Panhellenic Council: Governing body of Kappa Kappa Gamma and dozens of other sororities
Philanthropy: A charitable project sponsored by an organization; many sororities have both local and national philanthropies
Pledgeship: The time during which new members learn about the fraternity or sorority they are joining
Ritual: Traditional, secret beliefs and processes of a sorority or fraternity
Recruitment/Rush: The process by which a fraternity or sorority recruits new members
Potential New Member: A person interested in becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority
Sorority: A Greek organization for women

The Greek Alphabet

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